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Useful Vendor Information

Street Food


We are always happy to consider outside entertainment at our Events.  Please reach out by completing the CONTACT tab.



We would like to promote you at our Events.  Please bring any announcements we can use to best showcase your business. We appreciate our vendors sharing our Events on their social  media.


KOJAM's number one priority is safety.  We pride ourselves on timely notification of weather related changes and rescheduling options.  We are always fair to our vendors.

Ticketing Events

The Taste of Woodbridge Fest is a ticketing Events (for food).

Please become familiar with the process by reviewing the attached document.

  • Please register with accurate contact details so our communication is to the relevant representative of your business.

  • Please share all communications with the representative(s) who will be onsite on the day of the event.

  • Please let us know ahead of time if you will be requiring power, or close proximity to a power source, on the day of the event. 

  • Outdoor events require the following items provided by the vendor:  Tent, Table, and Chairs (please note that all tents must be weighted down).

Maximize Your Success

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